Can I get an AMEN

Any Moms out there ever fall into the couch after a long day and think THANK GOODNESS that day is over. YUP.

Lunches sucked today.

Consisted of 2 string cheese and a peanut butter sandwich with no jelly. No juice box. Other days there are fabulous sandwiches and thermos of soup, little notes and goodies (rare but it happens)

Everyone was grouchy, including me. Missed deadlines. Forgot permission slip. Ate cereal for 2 meals. Didn’t get out of my pajamas all day.

I have a pre-teen and 14 year old (girls). I love them to death. But sometimes the days are just long. In fact, thinking back I sometimes think the ages of infancy were easier. Of course I can’t say I miss  the smell of baby vomit in the air and dirty diapers. AHHH the good old days.

I do remember struggling to breastfeed as a young mom. It was scary and although they say it’s “natural” and yes, biologically it is, I can say I had a really hard time. I didn’t have the support I needed and I was a single mom. So I crumbled and resorted to bottle feeding and formula. To compensate for my feeling of failure I made sure everything else was perfect. Bottled water only, sterilized bottles day and night, premium diapers, perfect little outfits, homemade baby food. Only the best and by the book. UGH.

I was so uncertain and unsure of myself and lacked the confidence to just “mother”.

I remember one day going to the grocery store, a smaller one…. loading the cashier’s belt with bottles of Similac. And she said ” Oh hunny, You ought to be breastfeeding??”

JEEZ. My heart sank.

Fast forward 4 years later and  a miscarriage.

I was older now and blessed with another little girl. Again I tried breastfeeding and made it longer this time. But still used formula and bottles. I was a seasoned mom at this point and I knew the health benefits of breastfeeding, heard all the information and took notes. Things were easier this go around and I felt more comfortable standing my ground when people asked about how I fed my baby. (As if it was their business)

A few years ago I was shocked to hear that a friend had been harassed for discreetly breastfeeding in public at a local establishment. I guess I didn’t get it. What’s the problem. It wasn’t poor behavior, profanity, etc. It was feeding her baby and she was asked to stop. I was pissed. Why is this happening?

I can’t understand why people have an opinion about something that doesn’t directly affect them. For example, if you aren’t gay why do you have an opinion on same sex marriage. To each his own. Live and let live… get my drift?

“Mind your own biscuits and life would be gravy” as the saying goes.

Normalize breastfeeding

I felt compelled to create this and spread the word. No matter how you feed your baby, it’s ok. You aren’t wrong. You aren’t a failure.

Straighten another queen’s crown. Pat a fellow mom on the back. Give her a hug and tell her she is amazing. We are in this together.

Maybe you aren’t the Mom who throws a Pinterest party. Maybe your lunches suck. Maybe you haven’t showered today ( or in like 2 days). Maybe you bottle feed.

Your child is going to turn out just fine. Mine sure did. They grew to be beautiful, well mannered, A+ students, kind and loving. They aren’t nutrient deprived, they weren’t sickly, they are perfect. Although I’m not a perfect mom, I’m a great mom.



XO Marissa

Thank you to Heather Girard and baby Ean for being perfectly photogenic, easy-going, and brave!