Sourpuss clothing & fink faces

“Rat Fink” is a term I lovingly use to describe my boyfriend when he takes the last cookie.. lol

But seriously, I love the character and it’s many variations. The original being the work of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, an artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and pin striper. He created the Rat Fink character as the anti-hero version of Mickey Mouse and rot rod /Kustom Kulture folks fell in love, as did I. I know he’s kind of a grotesque creature, but I can’t help but love an underdog.


Many artists now replicate the work of this genius…and to pay homage to this KING of KUSTOM, I created my own little piece


I had to put my own spin on it….I’m digging my cute “Betty” Mouse!

I am planning on turning them into cheeky little greeting cards!

BUT…the reason for this post, is a little review on a clothing company that has been around for a long time, but I have only recently been turned on to their line by my dear pin up friend and boutique owner Miss Lizzie Deville. She is quite a lady. She is an outstanding face painter, a business owner, makeup artist, fellow pin up enthusiast and Founder of Vintage for Veterans, a classic group of pin-ups who raise money and awareness for Veterans, a cause dear to me. Kids, pets, and vets will always have a special spot in my heart. More on that later. Here is a link to her page incase you wish to join the cause or purchase from her. She is a distributor for the company and she mentioned I might like their stuff….. like is an understatement. Thanks Lizzie!

I don’t just like…..I LOVE…. wow! the company I am referring to is SOURPUSS CLOTHING …check them out sourpuss clothing. They are a clothing company featuring their own line and also many other popular rockabilly and pin up styles and designers. They have everything from dresses to accessories and everything in between. I can’t wait to order some items from their housewares line! Can you say ATOMIC!

They also have something for everyone, men, women, and children. The classic pin up, the rocking rockabilly, and punk lovers. They offer so many unique styles you can bet it’s easy to find something you love on their extensive site. So be prepared to spend your paycheck…

But that brings me to their prices, I think they are very affordable. The dress I scored retails for $52.00. Very reasonable and well worth it!

I got their “FINK” wiggle dress in medium. Let me tell you it fits like a glove… And not that OJ simpson glove…. I mean perfectly.

It has just the right amount of stretch and hug in the fabric. the darting in the design is placed perfectly. I added a belt to define my waistline a bit more, but truthfully it doesn’t require one. I was so pleased with the quality of the fabric, stitching and design.

The vibrant colors, fink faces and bulging eyeballs turn heads for sure. I had lots of compliments at our local car show.


There isn’t a man who can control his “rat rod” if he sees a woman wearing this epic dress. It is truly one of a kind.


A friend snapped this picture of me on my dear pal Karen and her husband Bob’s matte black pickup and it might be one of my favorite pictures ever. I felt lovely.

Thank you SOURPUSS for creating such unique and fun clothing and so much more. You have made a loyal customer out of me! Highly recommended.

Dress by Sourpuss Clothing


Lifelong Sourpuss Customer

xo -Marissa




Easy gorgeous nails & a giveaway

Ok. I’m kind of a germaphobe and a cheapskate so going to the nail salon is really rare for me.  

BUT, I like to have my nails look cute from time to time.  With all the art, painting, housework and other crap I do , a regular manicure lasts about 14 seconds. And I have tried all kinds of products both high end and drugstore, and everything in between.

Then comes this game changer! 
This is a drugstore gel nail kit by Sensationail. I AM IN LOVE. ( no they aren’t paying me) 

So the whole kit was about $25.00 , I found it at Wally world ( Walmart) ugh.  Despise that store. 

Anyways.  For the cost of less than one manicure I was willing to try it.  It came with everything you needed to start.  But I also bought a few full size colors to try.  Because I wanted retro colors and I’m impulsive. 

So the process kinda goes like this… FILE and shape nails.  Push back cuticles. Google basic manicure if you aren’t sure. Then use a bit of nail Polish remover to clean nails.  And follow the steps. 

1. Primer

2. Clear top coat & 30 sec under UV light

3. Two thin coats of color.  30 sec UV after each coat

4. Clear top coat & 30 sec UV

5. Wipe with cleanser or Polish remover

super duper easy! 

It stayed for over 11 days completely chip free and looked just as nice and shiny as day one.  Even better is that because it isn’t easily removed with remover, any time I got paint, wood stain, or spray paint on my nails I could take cotton ball soaked in remover and BOOM all gone.  

After a few times I got a little more adventurous and wanted to try some designs and nail art. 
I found that you could put on decals and even use non- gel Polish for small designs as long as you sealed with the top coat and “cooked” it. 

All in all the process is fast.  And I love that, but they are also completely dry after which is so so exciting. Because I can’t tell you how many times I have done my damn nails and they look so adorable and fancy and then either the sheets, my clothes, or hair or something messes them up.  Can you feel me?

I actually enjoy doing my nails now! And spend more time doing nail art because it lasts and there is no dry time. 

Now taking it off is a different story.  Follow instructions and it works but takes a bit. 

I usually just leave mine on so long it will start to peel up around the edges and I can peel that way.  Mind you that is after like 20 days and with some nail growth. It also makes my weak nails stronger so I have been able to keep a nice shape even though I work with my hands a lot.

So I want to gift one of my readers ( there is only one of you , so luck you) lol. 

No really .. I want to give you a chance to win a starter kit.  Comment below if you want to be entered! And on my birthday July 11 I will draw one random winner. 

So it’s my gift to you on my birthday ❤

May your nail art outlast all the b.s. in your life

Xo Marissa

The most adorable thing you’ve ever seen… since Fairy gardens

Ok. So in a house with two girls we’ve done the fairy garden thing to DEATH.

I love the little gardens and have a fondness for miniatures and a love of dollhouses. So it seemed logical to put my affection for vintage and minis together. A marriage of retro, Itty bitty cuteness.

That’s how this mini retro gardens came to be.

Are you dead yet? Squealing. Yup? Ok we can be friends. 

So it started on a trip garage saling with the love of my life.  We stopped at a tiny garage sale run by the most adorable little Japanese lady with a fantastic sense of humor.

She told us that she lost her husband and he was a “collector”. She may have said hoarder. But it was so lovingly I think she meant collector. I hope that’s how my kids refer to me when they are cleaning the shit out of my house when I’m gone. 

Since she mentioned her budget was tight, husband was deceased, kids still living at home… if you know me at know I want going to leave empty handed. And honestly I didn’t need these but I feel in love with the pastel colors, the patterns, and sizes I simply couldn’t resist. Plus they were a steal ! 

I loved these.  And she had hundreds… not even exaggerating! I love the soda shop colors.  So pretty. 

Then I took a trip to Michael’s ( my addiction ) and strolled about looking for retro minis to add.  They have an expansive section for fairy gardens and a dollhouse section so you really could go crazy.  But with one tiny chair costing the same as a regular folding chair I was kind of appalled. So I used my 40% off coupon on the chair (which was $8.99) and got the hell out of there before my impulsive brain talked my wallet into needing more. 

This is what I got.  I made the little pennant flags out of paper, string and dowels. 

Then I had a ureka moment! I needed a retro camper!

I took a small piece of 2×4 which I cut. If you don’t have a saw or they scare the shit out of you, Lowe’s will cut wood for free.  

I then used my belt sander to round one edge.  This will take a bit of work but you can do it with sandpaper. Maybe I will sell these on my etsy shop?? What do you think. 

Anyways, after I got it looking the way I wanted it, I painted and decorated it.  Added button wheels and WHA-LA. So stinking cute!

Now I just filled the planters with dirt, mini cactus, and sand.  This is all optional, but a garden needs at least one plant, and I kill anything that isn’t a cactus. But a little flower or tiny tree would be super cute. 

I am now addicted to making these and will probably have to pawn them off on friends. Oh well.  I think they are adorable and I would love to see yours.  I’m fairly certain no one reads this, but if you are and you make one, please share it with me! I would love to see what you come up with! Instagram: marissaperkins711

Here’s a couple more close ups:

Happy crafting! 

Xo Marissa