The Story of a Rat Rod

Rat Rod [rat. rod] (noun); Fun, low budget, traditional, rusty patina, built with junk yard parts, built to drive , not to show. ( built especially to show in my opinion)

I always think when I’m meandering through the isles of cars at a car show ….. I wish this car could talk. What kind of story would it tell. Who has been making out in the back seat. Have you heard any good gossip?


Don’t get me wrong I love a fully restored hot rod, glossy paint and all. But that rusty patina on a rat rod makes me swoon.


Maybe it’s the creator inside me, that falls in love with the repurposed parts and inventive ways they pieced her all back together. I guess it’s because they could have passed on her with all her baggage and all the work she would need to restore her and left her in a heap in the junk yard. Maybe that’s a metaphor for a damsel in distress, Like I was once upon a time.

Hey, that’s got me thinking…. maybe one day when I restore my rat rod, I’ll name her “Damsel in Distress” ….hmmm.. Nah. sounds too weak. How about… ” I don’t need a man to save me, I saved my own damn self.” ( Too long?)

It seems like every part on a rat rod has been reinvented.   I guess anyone can order stock parts, right?… But to weld & fabricate a one of a kind piece of art like a    “Vehicular Frankenstein” is just so cool.


Every little thing takes perfect planning and ingenuity.


Each part is like a work of art. It is truly personal. Not to mention they are taking something that was beyond salvage and repair and making it whole again. With blood, sweat, tears, and I’m sure a fair amount of cussing.

Every last inch is covered with special personalized touches. An eight ball shifter, awesome license plates as floor mats, custom hood ornaments, mirrors, seats, etc. Most of them are fabricated from bizarre items. It makes every vehicle one of a kind just like the owner.

I have heard so many interesting stories from the owners too. Like a fire fighter who redesigned an old fire truck in tribute to all firemen and women. It was glorious. And every detail was perfect. the pin striping, the FD logo on the doors, the dash board was upholstered with old turn out gear. It was amazing.

I love a rat rod with a good story.

It’s the stories in life we remember, so go out and make your own.






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