Car show season Yippeee!

The thrill of an upcoming carshow is something that can always turn my day around.

I was in a real funk yesterday. I’m experiencing allergies for the first time in my life and it stinks. Makes keeping your eyeliner on point a real pain in the A**. Especially that crisp wing.

My eyes are watery, itchy. Throat hurts. Headache. You get it.

I happened to see an ad for a car show and it totally turned my day around. I knew the makeup wasn’t going to happen, so I threw on some cat eye sunnies and my red lipstick and got my minpin (mini me /pin up) ready to go!

syd car 2

BONUS: It was taking place at Fat Cats (link) one of my favorite little food joints in town. Yummy fresh seafood, fried to perfection and HUGE portions of really great ice cream. It was going to be a binge day I already planned it.

There was a great turnout and perfect weather. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m not sure if it was the carb coma, the oldies music, the people chatting, folks of all ages just enjoying the night, or what it was.

There is something about a car show. People seem friendlier. Happier.

Here are some of the pictures on my minpin! She’s a doll and received lots of compliments, which made her smile even harder. She made the shine on those cars seem dull. The hair do had gone through hours of playing before hand , so don’t judge the fly-aways.

I will own a classic car one day can’t decide if I want an old mercury or a ford truck

These two would be my choices if money wasn’t an issue. Until that day, I will enjoy taking pictures of other people’s babies.

Do you guys dig classic cars? What would be your dream car?

Do what makes you happy!

XO- Marissa




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