Christmas Trees…. my favorite tradition

It’s my favorite part of the holidays. Oh Christmas Tree. How lovely is every last needle…..except when they are in the bottom of your foot. ha!

All kidding aside, I don’t even mind the needles. The smell of fresh cut pine, the bare spot that faces the wall, the lights all aglow at night, watching movies by tree light, and reminiscing about where all the ornaments came from. I love it all!

I remember walking back onto our property as kids, trekking through the snow, knee deep to find the perfect one. Whining.

I’ve come a long way…I appreciate those memories now.

Somehow the tree always looks better in nature. But who cares.

I was honored to team up with Massoud’s Tree Farm in Saquoit, NY this year. I was able to  capture families going on there Christmas tree adventure. Lots of rosy cheeks and laughter.

massouds 3.jpg

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the family! “Everyone who works here is family”, says, Omar Massoud (owner). He was right, because after just a few hours of being there taking pictures, I felt right at home! They were so kind and inviting.

They are completely a full service Christmas shop…. from gorgeous trees, to wreaths made to order, decorations, anything you want. They even load up the tree and tie it down for you.

I spent some time talking with Mr. Massoud (Owner) in the cozy gift shop, where he makes wreaths and swags, each creation is beautiful. Most days his hands are so sticky with sap from his hard work, but he always has a smile for every single customer and greets everyone like family!


You can tell he loves his work and loves working with his family. Thank you for welcoming me into your family.

After taking lots of pictures for my clients, we ventured up on the hill to get our own tree! We got a fun and crisp ride up and after searching for a bit we found the perfect one.


Home it goes to get lit and decorated. And then a cozy Christmas movie ….

Here is a small peek at some of my favorites from the season!

I have the best clients! I love my job!!

Warm Wishes this holiday season from my family to yours….


What is your favorite winter tradition?



** All photos taken at Massouds Tree Farm. Please find them here and give them a huge thumbs up!