Ice cream socialite

So  I’m planning on hosting a little customer appreciation party  this month and releasing some new items.

I was trying to come up with a cute theme that wouldn’t break the bank.  I love a good theme, don’t you!

I would need an outfit to match ( did I mention I love a good theme).

So it started with these. …

I had oogled over similar pairs online and then gagged when I saw the price.  As a DDIYER, I knew I could make these at home.  

Total cost: approx. $5

Items :

High heel shoes  ( i didn’t include this in total price because I had these and they were in terrible shape from other halloween costumes)

Silicone caulk (white)

PAINT  ( i used pink and brown)

Fake cherry 

Frosting decorators tip

Newspaper, ziploc bag, paint brush, craft foam scraps.

First spread a layer of caulk all over the shoes and let dry.  I used one whole small tube for the pair.  I let them dry overnight. 

These were previously painted and glittered for a poison ivy costume.  So I scraped mossy of the glitter off and started with a blank canvas

I simply used a butter knife and my fibers to smooth it out over the shoes , covering everything but the bottoms.

Then I filled a ziploc bag fired with a Frosting tip with a bit odd the caulk. and made a swirl ( mimicking whipped cream).

I plopped on a fake little cherry ! I got these at a little old lady’s garage sale but you can find ten at hobby lobby or Michael’s too. 

I showed them to dry overnight after this step.  The next day I painted the hell a light brown and the rest (excluding the whipped cream ) a nice strawberry pink.  You could  use mint green (mint chip) or cream ( French vanilla) let your favorite flavor be your guide.

I then drizzled some very thin glossy brown paint in the toe area only ( stimulating  chocolate syrup) and before this had a chance to dry completely I dropped small pieces  of craft foam in fun colors. 

At this point you could spray with a finishing / sealing spray like  polyacrylic. You will want to use a water based one if you use water based paint. 

I skipped this step because I used an outdoor craft paint and waterproof caulk, plus I don’t plan on wearing outdoors. 

So, happy shoe makeovers! 

These almost look good enough to eat!

XO marissa