Pin Wheel Decor

Who doesn’t love a friggin PIN WHEEL!

PIN WHEEL: Instructions

What you need:



Starch, squares of fabric, they must be perfect (or close to) squares, paint brush.

STEP 1: Cut the squares, place on foil or waxed paper, something that can be easily peeled off. Then brush on a good layer of liquid starch. Starch comes in spray or liquid form, liquid is better for this project and can be found in the laundry isle. This makes your fabric stiff , no fraying, and easier/ more sturdy for projects.

Step 2: allow to dry completely

Step 3:


Step 4:

Cut from each corner of the square to the middle, leaving a small spot in the center ( about the size of a penny). You could even put a penny in the center so you don’t over cut.


see how I did not cut all the way across and stopped in the center.


you will then fold every other “petal” toward the middle and hold with finger . this begins to form the pin wheel shape.



Once you have folded every other “Flap or petal” you will have this. I used a vintage button and a dab of glue to hold it all together.

You can add these to just about everything…. your packages, your shoes, hair, clothing…. just too cute!

May there always be wind through your pin wheel

XO- Painted Pin Up



Pretty Packages

I love to give gifts, more than that I love to wrap them…..

It seems like wrapping, and bags, and bows cost a fortune these days only to be thrown away.

Sad really, and not very economical ….

Since I love vintage and I’m a huge advocate of use what you have then reuse it again mentality, I thought I would brainstorm a few pretty ideas.

I’m not reinventing the wheel here on some of these, but the outcome is pretty.

Make you want to sing ( if you had a voice like Julie Andrews) “brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things”



I used some scraps of wall paper, which seems like something a Gramma might do… and I love the effect. I used a little scrap of lace and a handmade rolled silk rose. PLUS- I got the wall paper for free at a local paint/wall paper shop, it was a leftover piece they were throwing. I asked the counter boy really nice and gave a wink! free goodies!


There is nothing more vintage or practical then wrapping you package in the funny comic pages from the sunday paper.



I finished with some cute butcher style red and white string… kind of reminds me of that joke…

what’s black and white and red all over? Or read all over

I will show you how I made the pin wheels at the end!



for the next one I used a beautiful old hankie….. I got thinking is that gross? I did wash them? anyways it’s cute as hell, so let’s put that out of our minds. Topped it off with a big, bright lace flower.


You know I love the 50’s and pin up style …. so I had to use the old vintage red and white style. I topped with lace and the flower actually has a clip on the back , so the bow (flower) doubles as a pin up style hair flower!


for this one I used an old sewing pattern…. some measure tape ribbon and some old buttons and paper to make little flowers.  I think its so cute!!!


Last One,



I happened to have a cute polka dot bag, so I slipped  gift and added a little bow I made from a scrap of fabric….

these are all staged….. filled with pudding boxes and cereal boxes… lol but the inspiration is there . Enjoy making your presents pretty. maybe they will be so pretty the person won’t actually open them at all and then maybe yours can be full of junk you don’t want. Good way to get rid of your junk. genius.

Take a look at the next post to get the instructions on the cute pinwheel topper!!

xo – Painted Pin up



Movie Star Decor

Vintage Silver Screen Movie Star Banner


My photography studio is completely vintage, kitschy, and pin up inspired. I wanted to gussy up the décor a little since I renovated the place.

I made a cute banner to hang. I included some of my favorite old time movie/ tv stars. I think it turned out super cute so I thought I would share!

First I googled my favorite actresses by name, and printed black and white versions of the pictures, you can google B&W or change in editing. Use a picture with high contrast, think light whites and dark black, these print better.

I used my home hp inkjet printer, (used almost a whole ink cartridge for 6 pictures, bastards) so you may find it more cost effective to save on a zip drive or disc and print at Staples, etc.

After printing I used a square template I had to trace out (because I can’t cut a straight line to save my life) them I cut each one out. I took a small paint brush dipped in glue to go around the edges of each picture.

Then dipped each edge in silver glitter


I knew I wanted a black background for these to go on. SO…. I got out my CRICUT machine and made a simple scallop edge banner. If you don’t have a cricut, you could cut out a square just a bit bigger than the picture and use that, or some other creative background. Use your imagination. If you are feeling LAZY, stop here and it will still look adorbs!


This is what I went with, I made it slightly bigger than the pictures I had.

I attached each picture to the black background using white glue and placed a heavy book on top to press during drying, actually one got a shoe, one got a box of cookies, etc. just put something on top to flatten the pictures so they dry nice and flat.

While these are drying, I made some paper roses to further decorate the banner.

To do this: First cut out a rough circle, you can draw the spiral like I did ( just to show you) but it works just as well if you just cut. try to space your spiral evenly ( I didn’t in the pic above) but you want the same distance in between each spiral.

Then you cut…….. and roll… roll … roll.

Its important to leave that circle in the middle as a base for you to glue your flower to. I used hot glue. I also learned if after you roll, you let the flower unroll a little it makes a more open rose, and looks more realistic.


You can add glitter, and make them as BIG or small as you like.

I also collected some old silver and black buttons to add.

I arranged all the elements and once I liked them I glued them down with hot glue, and used a silver string to hang them.



this just makes me so happy….. they will hang there and inspire me everyday!

I wish I could have them all over for a big party! Wouldn’t that be great!

Have a great day and remember you’re a movie star!

xo- Painted Pin up




Meow… winged liner made easy

So you love the winged liner….. WHO doesn’t

Those vintage babes knew a thing or two about tricky makeup …..The reason this looks so great is that it makes your eyelashes look darker and thicker, and it goes against gravity by pulling your eye UP, so you look instantly more awake, doe eyed, and exotic.

BUT unless you want to look like Amy Winehouse ( RIP. your music rocks) It was her style I respect that. 🙂

amy I love your music….but the eyeliner is more than a line…..

So there are some tricks to getting it perfect, as a makeup artist, this is question I get asked ALL the time….

So this technique is for even an Amy Winehouse stage beginner…

The most important thing is you want each side to be equal… we get one side looking great and then the other side …um yeah


This is what you need:


small angled brush, gel liner (black), black eyeliner ( I love BUXOM brand), thin medical tape. It’s softer and more gentle on skin than scotch tape.


Apply your eyeshadow the way you love it. and play the tape from the corner of your eye and line up with the outer corner of your eyebrow, see picture.

Don’t mind those zits…. foundation comes after eyes…


Line the lash line with black pencil liner. do not go past the outer corner of your lash.

then taking your angled brush dipped in the gel liner (dries fast) follow the edge of the tape and draw a line from the lashline to the point where you want your wing to end.

connect the line and the eyeliner on the lashline , I use a “swooping” motion to connect the line.

Peel off the tape and lookie there you did it….Repeat. the tape makes the other side fool proof.

After you complete both eyes, apply a few coats of mascara and false lashes if you like, or skip the falsies, because the winged eyeliner makes your natural lashes look thicker.

DSC07074  perfect… now apply under eye concealer and foundation, red lips whatever your heart desires. gotta go cover that pesky zit…. but that’s my eye trick today!

May your liner ever so even.

For your listening pleasure… one of my favorites.

Amy Winehouse- I’m no Good

xo- Painted Pin Up



Wardrobe Wednesday- Retro style

Hi ya’ll.

I have an extensive retro wardrobe, because I love the style and require a wardrobe of all sizes for my photography business. Maybe you want to build a little wardrobe for yourself, but don’t know where to begin.

There are many companies that sell reproduction pieces; Retro Lovely, Pin Up Girl Boutique, Modcloth, etc. Honestly, just google retro clothing or pin up clothing and the sites go on and on, like this run on sentence. Hey, I’m no English teacher.

You can also check out vintage clothing stores, but from what I have found the clothing is either in poor condition ( it is 65+) years old afterall, or it’s in great shape and extremely expensive.

You can always go crazy ( like batshit crazy…. I’m not gonna let this chick , who does she think she is anyways, outbid me) on Ebay. I have had some luck on Ebay, but again the true vintage pieces go for a lot of money and are sometimes too fragile for everyday use.

Sooooo…. Then there are the Goodwills, consignment stores, and Salvation Army type stores…. you have to be careful but you can sometimes find some great items. I will share some tips on building a chic retro wardrobe for cheap!!

First of all, look for pieces that are timeless, for example. The classic “Audrey” black sheath dress or pencil skirts.

Keep in mind, you are looking to recreate a vintage wardrobe so look for- pastels, pleats, higher waisted, cap sleeves, higher necklines, collar shirts, etc.

Also, keep an eye out for accessories that add to the style- scarves, belts, purses, pins, pearls, etc.DSC07085

the pleats, color and price (4.99) of this skirt was perfect. Although not truly vintage, it does add vintage style to a wardrobe.


These two shirts were perfect as well, notice the pearls and neck style of the black shirt is very “Audrey” and the keyhole neckline with bow on the pink sweater. Both are the right color, style, and fabric to add a vintage flair.


Another thing to look for, are vintage prints. Polka dots, gingham check ( think grannys old red and white table cloth), small floral prints, stripes, plaid. This shirt was a score because it truly is vintage. Check out that lace doily accent. I think I said EEK out loud in the store.


As the old saying goes…. what goes around, comes around…. lol Look out for popular designers who have brought back vintage inspired trends. See the pleats, color and polka dots on this Ann Taylor skirt.


An outfit can go from modern to vintage with just a few accessories;

I found this adorable scarf ( helllllooo anything monogramed -think Laverne & Shirley) and these cute spring shoes (gingham print wedge heels).


Denim never goes out of style, so this cute red piped denim dress was a must have, the bow and piping make this event more vintage lovely. Look how well it will pair with the shoes!!!!


Best of all I got this stuff for $23.17….. whoop whoop!

One more thing…… 40s/50s/60s styles were more conservative than SOME of us are now. (cough, cough Miley Cyrus) So think knee length skirts and higher collars. Leave your best assets to the imagination….. unless you’re going for the “Marilyn” look, then flaunt what got!

Most importantly ……pearls & red lips. Don’t leave home without it!

Does anyone else think a curse word seems nicer coming out of red lips??

xo- Painted Pin Up








Tip Tuesday- DIY saddle shoes


Whether your personal style is totally 50s or maybe you have a sock hop to attend this weekend, this is for YOU!

I have been eyeballing some adorable saddle shoes online for a while…. but they are pricey. Since I am super cheap and wouldn’t spend that kind of money on myself (unless it was my birthday) I was thinking of how I could make some chic shoes on a cheapskate budget and WAM! It hit me like a brick.

Cheap white shoes+ black paint+ little patience= $6.00 saddle shoes


So I bought these little babies from Wally World ….ugh

and gathered some supplies.

You will need:

White “keds” style shoes

Black paint

White Paint

Stiff angled paint brush


I began by taking out the laces and taping of the parts I wanted to paint. Once I realized I could do it and not make a total mess ( too much coffee=shaky hands), I just penciled in my lines.

Then I went in with my black paint, you could use fabric paint, although I did not, but I truly think acrylic paint works best, it is made for canvas (which these shoes are made of) it spread easily and covered very well!

I did a section on each side and the back heel.


If you get any on the rubber sole of the shoe, use a wet paper towel to remove right away or nail polish remover if it has already hardened.

Once I finished with the black I let that dry and took the end of my paint brush, or you could use a toothpick for this, and made small white dots around the seam.

Let that dry and replace the laces….. and you are ready to swing and bop the night away!DSC07024

Or at least break an ankle trying…. ha

xo – Painted Pinup